Melanotan 2 Overdose: Health Dangers And Remedies

Having to compete for a title makes many of us willing to make sacrifices to achieve a well desired goal. Some of those sacrifices may include taking health risks to ensure we look the way we are supposed to. Bodybuilders are the most willing to try out different products, to ensure they make the best impression possible on the day of their competition. One of those products is a tan enhancing drug called melanotan 2.

Why melanotan 2 represents a health risk


Melanotan 2 has not been properly tested in any country and its list of side effects is yet to be unveiled. Some reactions have been reported, but solid research is still lacking. Various dosing charts are available all over the internet. Some of them are based on body weight, some on skin types while others take into consideration both factors. But there is no real proper way to consume this drug.

Still, every advice is followed by the statement: use a dose you feel comfortable with. This can be easily translated in “you’re on your own on this one”. You can find several guidelines and forums that abound with information. But there is no such thing as a strict rule. Just as conventional medical treatments backfire sometimes; testing new products on your own body may not lead to pleasant results.

Since proper dosing is an abstract concept, overdosing is more common than we might think. So how do you know if you got carried away with your melanotan 2 dosage? And what can you do about it? Here are a few insights.

Melanotan 2 overdose: how to recognize it:

Melanotan 2 has a different molecular structure compared to our own pigment hormones. Thus, this synthetic hormone is treated by our immune system as an invasive substance. In response, an allergic reaction will be triggered. Sometimes side effects become more severe in some individuals. That is because they either injected bacteria or impurities along with their peptide or they overdosed.

When melanotan 2 enters the body, our immune system produces antibodies that will release chemicals such as histamine and heparin into our bloodstream to fight it off. And the presence of these chemicals into our system is what produces side effects.  read more on


Now, the severity of these side effects is proportionate to the amount of melanotan 2 injected into the body. In extreme cases, users can endanger their own life, as there are susceptible to suffer from anaphylactic shock. This is a serious condition involving tissue swelling; abdominal pain; heavy breathing; vomiting; diarrhea and blood pressure fluctuations. In such cases it is best to seek medical advice or go to the emergency room as soon as possible.


Since such reactions are cause by the presence of histamine into our blood stream, it is advisable to take anti-histamine drugs 45-60 minutes prior to injecting the tanning peptide. Though side effects might still occur, they may be less severe. In any case be wary about the drugs you purchase from the pharmacy, as they come with a bag full of side effects as well.