Melanotan 2 Overdose And Skin Infections

For someone who struggles to have lean and firm muscles, being tanned is essential. This is because most bodybuilders believe that a tanned skin makes muscles look more toned. However, not everyone can tan naturally and those in this situation resort to sunbeds or unlicensed tanning drugs. Melanotan 2 is such a drug that promises buyers a natural bronzed looking skin with just a few injections. Though side effects have been reported, buyers’ demand for the drug is rising continuously.


Concerns regarding side effects

Most side effects users report are headaches, dizziness, exhaustion, vomiting, stomach pains, increased sexual drive, appearance of black spots and acne. These side effects are regarded as mild, though no one conducted any tests to see if melanotan 2 would affect human health on the long run.

Some claimed melanotan 2 made them feel extremely sick, as if they had food poisoning. Their situation was so severe; they suffered from lack of appetite and felt though the room was spinning. Some lost consciousness and were rushed to the hospital, where they confessed to using a little too much melanotan 2. Luckily, most were stabilized and further harm was prevented.


How melanotan 2 overdose affects the skin

If you really want to use a tanning drug, be very careful with dosing and take it one step at a time. It is known that melanotan 2 causes moles and freckles to darken. This draws the attention of doctors because they believe that the melanocytes forming the moles could suffer mutations and evolve into melanoma, the most aggressive type of skin cancer. There haven’t been any cases of skin cancer amongst those who used melanotan 2 tanning jab, but there have been reported other conditions.

Some buyers used tanning jabs more frequently then recommended, or injected a higher dose of melanotan 2. Some of those users were transported to medical facilities. Not only did they experience symptoms similar to food poisoning, but they also contracted skin infections. The skin infection mentioned before infection manifests itself by the appearance of blisters filled with pus that eventually pop. The skin surrounding the blister gets black and dry and eventually falls off as the blisters grow bigger.


After the blisters broke, patients were left with giant wounds that after healing would leave behind permanent scars. To counter the skin infection, patients were treated with antibiotics. In some cases it was enough to stop the infection from spreading. In others, the stage of the infection was so advanced, antibiotics proved to be only a temporary solution and patients needed to be hospitalized.

It is worth mentioning that the situations described above were isolated cases. Though no one can accuse directly the melanotan 2 tanning jabs, it is safe to take into consideration all the risks before trying new substances on our own body. We are all responsible for our well being, so when we make a choice, it could turn out to be life changing and leave us scarred for life. So making informed decisions will grant the best outcome.