Melanotan 2 Fillers And Influence Upon Health

We all know that for a bodybuilder making your muscle fibers stand out is a must. But what if what makes you look good is linked to serious health hazards? Though the matter has not been studied thoroughly, many people that have started using skin tanning drugs such as melanotan 2. They experienced side effects that sometimes led to heart and kidney problems. Some doctors go that far as to link the drug to skin cancer.


In light of recent claims, independent tests have been run on different samples of melanotan 2. To our surprise, tests have shown that melanotan 2 freeze dried powder contained more than just the active compound. The vials often contained fillers such as manniton that would make the substance look more abundant in its container.

Are fillers found in melanotan 2 flasks related to allergies?

Symptoms associated with the flu such as cough, sore throat, runny nose, dry or itchy eyes have been noticed by old and new users alike. These symptoms have been accompanied by the swelling of the area where the substance has been injected. All these symptoms can easily be pinned to allergic reactions due to impurities or solvents present in the melanotan 2 counterfeit vials.

Most suppliers guarantee a purity of 98% or 99%, but no one really knows what the other 1 or 2% is. Since the peptide is not 100% pure, one can assume that bacteria may also be found in its content. Though most bacteria die because of the binding agents or bacteriostatic water the peptide is mixed with, the resulting substance will still generate an allergic reaction. Consider this: leucocytes respond to dead viruses within vaccines. So, they will do the same when encountering dead bacteria in the blood flow.


Our natural hormone melanocortin has a linear structure, while melanotan 2 is a cyclic peptide. This means the peptide doesn’t resemble so much to our natural hormones. So, when injecting melanotan 2 into our bodies, our immune system will not recognize it and will treat it as a foreign substance. An allergic reaction will be triggered to fight off the melanotan 2.

Many health organizations claimed that mannitol is safe to consume, so why would it be linked to allergic reactions? This may be true, however mannitol is not pure either, so it may contain impurities too. Such impurities might also lead to a reaction from our immune system. In other words, we have a double source of contamination that might translate into health hazards.

What to do in case symptoms are too severe

If you experience symptoms like increased urination, nausea, vomiting or cold-like reactions, stop taking melanotan 2 immediately. Other symptoms may include: allergic skin reactions, foggy eyes, chest pain, coldness or fever, disorientation, decreased vigilance, urination trouble, acute vertigo, intense thirst or dry mouth, increased heartrate, headache, muscle pain, inflammation, or bruising at the injection area, weakness. These reactions are not common so have your peptide tested for purity and seek medical help as soon as possible.


Many allergic reactions fade away over time. Reactions may be somewhat avoided by taking antihistamine drugs prior to using melanotan 2. Keep in mind that allergic reactions may occur again if you decide to take a break or if you are in the maintenance phase and you only need to inject from time to time.