Bits And Bobs Of HCG For Bodybuilders

These days, Bodybuilding and HCG are interrelated as Bodybuilding is now more than fun or hobby. So, men are adopting workout more seriously, and even females are getting interested in toning their physique and shaping its structure.


Moreover, as now more people are interested in this niche, physicians and doctors have proposed many different ways to improve bodybuilding experience. Hence, along with heavy workout and exercise, bodybuilders are also using many legal and illegal drugs to get better results in minimum time, HCG is one of them.

What is HCG?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is abbreviated as HCG– a hormone found in both male and female in a subsequent level. It is a glycoprotein that contains 237 Amino-acids with a molecular mass 2.57 kDa.

How and why Bodybuilders are using HCG?


Well, HCG is used by the bodybuilders in combo with Anabolic Steroid which is also called as anabolic androgenic steroid shortened as “AAS. When exogenous anabolic androgenic steroids are injected into the male body, the drug reacts with the body negatively and shuts down the natural production of the testosterone and prevents releasing of luteinizing hormone.

Henceforth, when the workout of bodybuilders is finished HCG is used at the end or during steroid cycles to bring the testosterone production to its natural level and to restore testicles to its original size

Along with this, HCG is also used as a low-calorie diet suitable especially for those worried about their excessive weight. Ms, Simeons, studying over pregnant women in India, negated it as a calorie deficient diet as it contains maximum 480 calories. Males and females with chubby bodies are now getting treated with the low doses of HCG drug for a slim physique.



HCG helps your body to maintain its shape in various ways such as:

  • Shrink testes to its original size
  • Helps you to avoid side effects of AAS
  • Burns off extra layers of fat
  • Help bodybuilders to get better and smooth muscles
  • Lose the weight for those who want to build their bodies to become handsome as hunks



Here are the negatives of HCG

  • Continuous HCG usage results in abnormal sperm production which is a bad sign for your health
  • Weight Lose quality is real but isn’t reliable because you have to keep your diet low to maintain the wasted level of your body.
  • To maintain weight loss, you will have to eat less than normal, and less intake of food can lead you to some serious health issues.
  • Acne in both male and female
  • Increase risk of multiple pregnancies in females
  • Cause Breast development in men
  • Tiredness in both male and female
  • Hair loss in men and women
  • Excessive fluid retention in men

Note: Due to its excessive side effects, HCG is banned by FDA to use as a diet. Anyhow if you are a bodybuilder and consuming it, try to decrease its intake amount and get proper medical checkups to avoid its side effects.