7 things to know about HCG in Bodybuilding

Eye catching body is a dream of gym lovers. They can frame their bodies quickly if they know which supplement can serve them in a better way. Professional gym owners and bodybuilders are considered a final authority in getting assistance; however, numerous of them have a different opinion about supplements to use. When you question the validity of Human Chronic Gonadotropin (HCG), experts recommend its authenticity in spite having different goals and varied workout style.


Know How to Use It

Some bodybuilders amalgamate it with a steroid to increase the production of testosterone. You can also inject it into your body with injection by adding small traces of calorie diet. A great quantity of calorie could be a cause of unnecessary fat. In a week, use its dose range from 700 to 1750 IU. Researchers and the practical outputs have verified its authenticity, so it is a safe choice. However, overdose can be harsh so evade it.

Normalizing the Testicular Function


Impaired testicular functioning damages the overall health of men. Ingestion of anabolic steroid could harm their proper functionality. HCG keeps every aspect of the body under its normal condition, and you enjoy the spice of perfect health. In addition, its use is effective at the end of an anabolic-androgenic steroid cycle to prevent the collapse of hard earned muscles. They get a much-defined look as they desired.

Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)

When you are on the workout to get strength and muscles gains, your body’s hormonal level doesn’t remain balanced. Keep the hormonal level normal; otherwise, your all efforts may go in vain. PCT protocols have emerged productive medium to sustain muscles. Along with this, utilization of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin works amazingly.



The pituitary produces HCG hormone. Being a natural analog of LH, it stimulates the sex hormone production in ovary or tests. Similar to LH, it energizes, binds and makes the functional receptors to get the desired output – testosterone production. However, while pregnancy; it is more beneficial to its counterpart LH. Later choice has some limitations.


After separating this hormone from the urine of pregnant women, this hormone is highly purified and processed with the extensive care to get the best quality. However, in the market, try to figure out the genuine pharmaceutical brands of HCG otherwise you have to experience inconveniences. It is generally available in the form of lyophilized powder, typically at 5000 or 10,000 IU per vial.


Recombinant DNA Technology and Urine Base HCG

As HGH is manufactured, similarly, it can be produced by the recombinant DNA technology. You can avail it in the form of preloaded syringes. But, the bitter fact is, it hasn’t produced enthusiastic results.

The source of urine-based HCG in the bloodstream during pregnancy contains numerous subunits in the form of monomers that prove to be more effective.


Before its usage, you have to take into consideration all aspects. Consultation with the doctor about its usage is a logical move. Some people have been the prey of acne, hair loss, tiredness, excessive fluid retention and breast development in men due to the usage of HCG.